Last Construction Pictures (4/11/99)

New entry and "back" of house looking pretty much done!

And the "front" (lake side) is almost there too

Drywall is up in the master bedroom...

...and in the foyer...

...all the way to the new family room!

Before the Destruction

Old floor plan (more or less)

View from back of house

Front of house

Another front

View from end of the driveway

View from our dock (left)

View from our dock (right)

Kitchen with the turquoise cabinets

The spare kitchen

Living room with big stone fireplace

Looking the other way in the living room

The red living room (and second fireplace)

Beautiful striped master bath

The Destruction Phase

The back of the house with deck and sunroom gone (12/21/98)

No more turquoise kitchen! (12/21/98)

The stripped down foyer (12/21/98)

View from the former 2nd kitchen (red living room to the right) (12/21/98)

New floor in bedroom #3 (12/21/98)

The new entry taking shape (1/23/99)

And the great room too! (1/23/99)

Part of the interior of the great room (1/23/99)

Wide open between the kitchen and living room (1/23/99)

Some of the new windows are in already (1/23/99)

Here's all that remains of the old floor (1/23/99)

"Native stone" for the new entry (1/23/99)

A look at our frozen solid cove (1/23/99)

Crazy ice fishermen out on the main body of the lake (1/23/99)

The new entry with an actual door! (2/14/99)

The windows in the great room going in (2/14/99)

And the next day, the finished product (along with some new snow) (2/14/99)

A view of the great room from outside (2/14/99)

Louis enjoying the new windows (2/14/99)

An action shot of Cally & Louis romping in the great room (2/14/99)

The back yard and lake under the new snow (2/14/99)

Cally & Louis wondering where the deck is (2/14/99)

The master bedroom fireplace before and after - quite a change!! (2/14/99)

Another shot of the beautiful new fireplace (2/14/99)

The stonework looks great on the new entry (and the roof is shingled!) (3/20/99)

The new "back" door (off the mud room) (3/20/99)

A look at the kitchen corner where the "back" door used to be (the new door is on the left in the mud room) (3/20/99)

A view from the kitchen out through the living room and great room (3/20/99)

New siding going up! (3/20/99)

Final Product (Sketches)

New floor plan

Top view

Front view (with new entry)

Back view (new great room on left side)