(Updated 6/27/2006)

Welcome, Fellow Dog and Cat Lovers!

Update 6/27/2006 - Now that Kiva is 4 years old and Pico has joined our pack, we decided to update this page just a little. We've added a few new links below, and removed or fixed a few others. One nice change since we created this page is that the number of "natural" pet foods available today is much greater than it was 4 years ago. And they're much easier to find, either online or at local pet stores.

We here at Corgi Cottage have been learning quite a lot recently about dog food, and we thought we would put together this page to share some of what we have found. It all started for us when we picked up our new puppy Kiva from her breeder, Pam Allen (many thanks to Pam for making us aware of this issue and getting us started). Pam told us that she was no longer feeding her dogs commercial dog food but was instead giving them "professional" dog food, also referred to as "whole" or "natural" foods. These are foods made with ingredients like human grade meats, whole grains not just hulls and bran, natural preservatives, etc., and without "by-products" and fillers. Since Kiva had already been on such a food, we decided to keep her on it and look into these foods and what they might do for the older corgis.

The bottom line is that we were pretty disgusted to learn what can and does go into commercial pet foods. We have thrown away all of our commercial dog food and dog biscuits -- and we were feeding them IAMS, a brand that we thought was pretty good! All of the corgis are now on "natural" food (which they love) and new "cookies" too.

We don't want to get too preachy and say that everyone must stop using commercial foods. We would just like to encourage you to look over some of the articles and websites listed below, and then take a look at the ingredients label on your dog or cat's food.



What's in your Pet's Food?

What's Really in Pet Food

Why A Natural Diet?

Whole Dog Journal - monthly magazine about dog care and training

Food Pets Die For - a whole book about commercial pet foods


Natural Food Makers

Life's Abundance - food formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks

Natura - makers of "California Natural" and "Innova" brands; this site has a very interesting "Tools" area with an Ingredients Wizard (definitions of all those mysterious ingredients like "corn gluten meal" and "animal digest") and Side-by-Side Comparisons of their food with many other brands

Some other good foods include:

Most of these sites provide information on where to buy their products, generally in specialty pet shops, and some also sell their food directly and ship it right to your door. If you're like us and don't have a place nearby, you can also try one of the internet dealers below (your UPS man will not be too happy, though!).


Internet Resellers (East Coast)

Pet Food Direct - these guys sell Canidae, Solid Gold, Innova, Eagle.

Waggintails - sells many types of "natural" foods, including Canidae and Eagle.


We hope this is helpful! Send us an email at ken@corgi-cottage.com and let us know what you think.


Ken and Judy Carbone

...and Cally, Louis, Kiva, and Pico too!